Dental health is an important part of the overall health of your pet. We recommend dental care tailored to your pet, and we assess your pet’s mouth during their yearly exam. While the best way to care for the teeth is daily brushing (just like in humans), most pets also need regular cleanings (just like us!). Most dogs and cats have enough periodontal disease and tartar accumulation by 1-2 years of age to warrant a cleaning.

So what does a dental cleaning include? We call it a COHAT – comprehensive, oral health assessment and treatment – and at KPC it includes the following:

  • Pre-anesthesia blood work
  • Dedicated Anesthesia Monitoring with a dedicated veterinary assistant and the most up equipment
  • Intravenous catheter and IV fluids for support during the procedure
  • Dental x-rays
  • Ultrasonic scaling and high speed polishing of the teeth
  • Comprehensive Oral Assessment by a Veterinarian with Treatment Recommendations